Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Doodle A Day

This cute blog, Rhi Creations, hosts a doodle-a-day project that I love! I try to steal a few minutes each day to fill in a square in my doodle calendar (Check out my Mama Doodle page for this free printable calendar and other doodle resources), or draw wherever!

There's a great group of participants on Instagram using hashtags: #doodleaday and #doodleadaysep in their posts, so you can view all the drawings from this group! Also, feel free to use #kasvtgallery to share your pics with us, if you'd like!

The drawings range from simple to intricate, and I even sometimes just use abstract patterns (from my Pinterest zentangle board) to express ideas like "chaos" or "quiet," with zig zags or a simple tree.

It's all done in the name of stress-relief, creative-time, and fun for us! So, though my drawings don't come close to rivaling some of the other talent out there, I try to just relax and enjoy this quiet, creative time! I hope you do too!

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