Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Learn to Draw with Post-Its

I've been feeling so discouraged lately about not being able to draw more of what I want to draw. I feel like I'm not great at drawing people, eyes, more realistic objects, boats, you-name-it! I always end up going back to my comfort zone -- doodles and tangles -- which are GREAT! But, how fun would it be to implement some more detailed illustrations?

And it's silly, because we can draw anything we want to! I came up with a little system for drawing practice using Post-Its! I keep a pad on my desk or in my purse, with a pen or pencil close by, and I practice, practice, practice! When my work computer goes down, I practice. While waiting for a doctor's appointment, I practice! When I complete one I like, I stick it in my journal or notebook. Others get trashed or dedicated to a "Gotta Work On It" page in my notebook.

It's not always a matter of just practicing, I like to have visual guides too. Pinterest is my go-to for drawing tutorials. It's okay to copy any of this artwork for practicing and journaling purposes! Check out:

Our Pinterest Board for some great drawing tutorials I've collected! Also, try these other Pinterest Searches:

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And so on! All it takes is a little practice! If you want to share your work with us in Our Gallery, tag your Instagram photos #kasvtgallery!

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