Monday, September 22, 2014

Heartsy Artsy

Another page of randomness. I don't know why I'm stuck on these "starbursts," maybe exhaustion or lack of imagination, but I'm enjoying filling them with tangles. I wish I felt that I had a true vision with my artwork, but lately I've just been... playing. But that's a good thing, too, right!?

How To: Here, I used a big, checkerboard-pattern stamp to make a background. I stamped over a heart-shaped Post-It note. I dabbed pink and white paint around the heart shape and used a small paintbrush to pull the paint away from the heart. When I took the heart off, some paint had bled through around the edges, so I let it dry then cleaned it up by painting over it with some white acrilyc paint. It didn't cover it completely, but it was white enough to tangle on. Then I tangled away!

You can find some of my favorite zentangle patterns on my Pinterest board here and, on my mommy blog, I give a little tutorial on how to do this swirly pattern, here.

 Also, this weekend, Auntie Bee (her site here) took us to a great Burlington gallery where she showed and sold some of her artwork! E loved it, especially the poetry reading and the kids' art corner. The other girls were making leaf art and leaf creatures, so E made her own. Note the eyes over the leaves... melt my heart!

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