Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kids' Art Journals

Okay, so, would anyone be opposed to me dedicating the next month+ to art journaling? All in favor? Let's just do it. Haha!

Art journals are our go-to on any day that I don't have a "real" craft planned, so... most days since I've gone back to full-time at my day job!

But, Elle loves it! She knows that, in the afternoon, she can grab her book and do whatever she wants with it. Last week, I went through the recycleables and found some foam packing material, and she pulled it apart and glued it all over her journal pages. Then she painted them. I was having a little anxiety, because the journal doesn't even close now, but that's how it should be, right!?

Anyway, Pinterest has some fantastic ideas for Kids' Art Journaling! Prompts, tutorials, etc.!

Here is what I found in my net surfing:
  • One - Pinterest search for Kids' Art Journals
  • Two - How to make your own journals (, pic below)
  • Three - How to alter old board-books for journaling! (
  • Four - Kids' Art Journal Prompts
  • Five - Learn about Smash Books & How to Make Your Own!
  • Six - Check out our own Toddler Smash Book! (
  • Seven - Consider picking up a Wreck This Journal book, with prompts for creative destruction!
  • Eight - Learn about the art of doodling/zentangling! (
  • Nine - How about some print-making ideas to spruce up those pages? (
  • Ten - Explore some around-the-house painting tools! (

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